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Why a well-thought-out customer data strategy is crucial for your company?
First, let’s look at the core departments of your company that interact directly with customers:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Customer support
  • And ideally also product development
Now ask these departments the following questions:

What information would you need from our customers to be more successful?

Can you imagine your team having an answer to this question?

And now three questions for you:


Do you know exactly how to collect and evaluate this information?

10 Points*


How do you ensure that this information doesn’t already exist in another department?

10 Points*


How do you manage this information in your company in a legally compliant manner?

10 Points*

* If you score less than 30 points, you should speak to our experts

If you don’t know yet, we’ll help you achieve exactly that!

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78% of companies struggle to use their customer data effectively.

Are your marketing campaigns not delivering the desired results or is your sales team struggling to reach the right customers? The lack of effective customer data management is the reason for this in many cases. And you are not alone!

Many companies struggle to use their customer data effectively, resulting in missed business opportunities and inefficient marketing strategies. The main reasons are often a lack of know-how, data protection concerns and fear of GDPR violations.

However, companies are aware of the importance of data but are wary of investing in technology and training for fear of high costs or legal consequences.

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We are experts in the following core topics

Precise and relevant customer data is the foundation for sustainable business success. They make it possible to create tailor-made offers and offer customers exactly what they are looking for.

What are we going to do?

Together with you, we set clear goals and develop strategies to achieve them:

Goal definition

In a workshop, we work with your team to develop the company-relevant goals that you want to achieve with customer data management.

Optimization of data collection

We examine what options exist to intelligently collect and enrich data. This means we take into account both omni-channel strategies and your internal, often unused data silos.

More consent = more data

We develop strategies to encourage your customers to trustfully share their data with you.

Balance between data protection and marketing

Not all data protection is the same, which is why, together with yours and our legal experts, we find the perfect balance to handle customer data responsibly while achieving the greatest possible marketing effect.

The right tools are crucial to the success of your customer data management. CRM systems, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, offer comprehensive solutions for data collection and analysis. Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, help you better understand your customers’ behavior and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

We help you make the right choice.

Since 2013, our expertise has included:

Consent protects you from legal consequences.

CRM & marketing solutions

Solutions to manage customer data and leverage marketing campaigns.

Analysis tools

Tools to analyze data and use it correctly.

GDPR & ePrivacy solutions

Manage customer consents and ensure legal compliance is easily achieved.

Data breaches and incidents are becoming increasingly common, so it is paramount to collect customer data securely and compliantly. You must ensure that your data processing practices comply with GDPR guidelines and use encryption technologies to protect your customers’ data.

Regular training of your team and reviews of your data protection policies ensure that you are always up to date.

Completely relaxed with GDPR & Co.

We take this responsibility off your hands and help you to always keep an overview of the legal challenges.

As experts, we help you:

We help close legal gaps

Analysis of the legal compliance of your customer data management. We check whether you comply with data protection regulations, deletion periods and protection of sensitive data.

Sustainable GDPR compliance

We take care of your website and the associated GDPR and ePrivacy requirements. We check legal certainty in regular audits and proactively correct or update if the legal situation changes.

Integration of new marketing tools

If new marketing tools are used, we help ensure that this introduction is always legally compliant.

Find out how we can help you!

Overview of services

Proven & successful: our bestsellers

Numerous satisfied customers have already benefited from our tried and tested portfolio. Discover how you can use customer data in a GDPR-compliant and efficient manner. Our three core building blocks – from data optimization to workshops to effective implementation – are your key to data-driven and legally compliant success

GDPR website check

Better safe than sorry!

Risks? Not with us! Ensure a privacy-compliant web experience and sleep peacefully.

Use our free GDPR and ePrivacy compliance checkup now!

  • Analysis of your website
  • Evaluation by our experts
  • Detailed report on GDPR compliance
  • Explanation of the results by our experts
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Starter package: customer data

from € 4.000
Get more out of your website!

Have you not yet exploited the full potential of your website? Get started with our all-round package. We equip you not only to collect customer data, but also to analyze it in depth and use it profitably.

  • Integration of efficient cookie management
  • Integration of the latest web analysis tools
  • Setup of essential marketing systems
  • Providing customized analysis templates
  • Practical training for your team
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Mastering customer data

€ 3500
Get more out of your customer data!

Do you use marketing tools and collect data, but lead costs are high and the results are unsatisfactory? Our experts will guide you to the optimal data strategy in an intensive 2-day workshop.

  • Identifying data gaps
  • Consistent customer data strategy
  • Increasing approval rates, GDPR and ePrivacy
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance
  • At least a 30% increase in efficiency in marketing, sales and customer service
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Audited websites


Well-known marketing tools


Country-specific data protection legal configurations

Allow us to harness our knowledge and transform your request into a triumphant success.

We’re eager to perform a comprehensive website audit, empowering you to gain deeper insights into your website, uncovering its potential opportunities and pitfalls. Commence your journey by initiating contact with us, whether through scheduling a direct meeting, reaching out via our contact form, or simply giving us a call. One of our experts will reach out to you, giving careful consideration to your unique case.

Success story

from one of our customers

The challenge

Due to the foreseeable adoption of the EU-wide e-Privacy Directive “GDPR” in 2019, BMW sought support in the legally compliant implementation of the new regulations, particularly with regard to website cookies, initially within the EU and later worldwide.
BMW faced a massive increase in marketing spending that risked losing insights into customer behavior.

The result

of our cooperation

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First, we supported BMW in creating a company-wide framework for consent management and rolling out the developed solution in more than 80 countries worldwide.
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We are currently operating the service while standardizing the legally necessary processes. We are currently operating the service while standardizing the legally necessary processes. This includes regular compliance checks for over 4,500 websites and adjustments to new legal requirements such as CNIL, Schrems II or TTDSG.

“What makes working with M2 so unique is the spirit in the team. It’s a very family atmosphere and you just enjoy working together because you feel like you can rely on each other.”

Christoph GolembuschBMW Motorrad

Reliable and trustworthy

Customers who share their success stories with us

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We invite you to accompany us on this journey.

GDPR and ePrivacy protect everyone from illegal data use, and we are here to help you.

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