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360° Employee Communication

Or better:
the digital home of companies & organizations


The classic intranet as a “one-way” source of information on corporate news, departmental presentations or product and event announcements has had its day.

Instead, it is about offering employees – no matter where they are working – a digital home.

The company, its brand and values become tangible. Especially in times of hybrid work models, where physical office buildings are less important, it is important to transfer the corporate identity and corporate behavior into digital places.

Easy networking and know-how transfer

The result: motivated and engaged employees who feel connected to the company and goals.

Bundle your internal communication by:

  • Preparing and making information accessible in a target group-oriented and role-specific manner.
  • Integrate Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace as well as additional collaboration tools via fully featured API’s
  • Unifying isolated applications and information silos on a single platform
  • Enable seamless transitions, more flexible collaboration and a single point of entry

Haiilo is ideally suited as a 360° Communications and Engagement Platform for your enterprise communications optimally suited:

out-of-the-box solution that enables to adapt to the ever-changing challenges of the working world in the long term.
as a cloud-based (EU server) or
on-premises solution
user-friendly and intuitive
usable due to the already
familiar social media design
accessible from any device
easy to integrate into any IT and communication landscape
Solution-as-a-Service with room for variable customization options
optimal for companies of all
sizes and industries
currently over 1 million users in German-speaking countries

As a certified Haiilo partner, we advise you on deployment, setup and targeted usage scenarios.


In addition, we support you in design, implementation and rollout, which, thanks to the multi-brand design, can be fully adapted to your corporate design (CD), provided with your company logo and configured differently throughout the site.

M²BC receives Haiilo Partner Award ‘Highest Community Interaction’.

Good collaboration, active communication and engagement are what make a good collaboration.

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