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Employee retention in times of digital change culture.

Discover how New Work principles and modern learning methods increase the satisfaction of your employees and ensure sustainable success.


Most studies show that between 60 and 80% of all change projects in companies still fail.

Decline in productivity
is expected if companies do not plan sufficient change and training measures when introducing changes in general and digitalisation in particular.
This means that almost one in FOUR employees is a complete loss.

Why employee training is crucial?

A simple sentence like “Would you like fries with that?” increased McDonald’s sales by an impressive 15-40% annually. But behind this apparent simplicity lies a profound training strategy.

McDonald’s recognised early on that the key to success lay in consistent training of its employees. This was the only way to ensure that such effective sales strategies were consistently implemented.

Ask yourself:

  • Do your employees live your company vision?
  • Do they use new technologies efficiently?
  • And are you prepared for digital change?

The right training can make the difference here.

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Seriously, the phrase ‘Would you like fries with that?’ is estimated to account for a whopping 15-40% of McDonald’s annual profits.


At the M² Academy, people are at the center of digitalisation. We firmly believe that true change through digitalisation is not only driven by technology, but above all by people and culture.

Our mission is to help companies establish a culture of modern learning that strengthens employee loyalty and increases employee satisfaction.

Why M2 Academy?

The M2 Academy is not just a place for learning, but a space for transformation. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific challenges and goals of your business. With a strong focus on New Work principles, we offer tools and strategies that strengthen not only the digital but also the human side of your company. With us you will experience what change through digitalisation looks like in practice and how it contributes to increasing employee satisfaction.

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Project Case

Success story: agile security in DevOps organisations


Initial situation:

Changed framework conditions after agile transformation

The agile transformation brought the desired dynamism and speed to our customer’s development processes.
But with the flexibility gained through the introduction of DevOps, essential cyber security aspects fell into the background. After all, in the days of traditional waterfall models, it was completely normal to only consider IT security aspects towards the end of the project.

BUT in the agile model, in which every sprint delivers us a complete product including consideration of IT security aspects, a clear integration of security aspects into the agile framework was missing.

Due to this lack of integration, IT security aspects were increasingly neglected during development.

Our solution:

IT security starts primarily in the minds of employees!

The aim of the approaches chosen was to increase awareness of the topic of IT security and create the necessary conditions:

  1. Cyber Security Awareness Campaign:
    A comprehensive campaign, which has a high level of identification and recognition, enabled all employees to obtain comprehensive information about the dangers of cyber security and to deal with the basic measures to defend against cyber attacks.
  2. Integration of IT security into agile methodology:
    Create a methodology that seamlessly integrates security measures into the agile framework so that the rules for increasing IT security can be easily followed in every fuel.


Holistic concept that sensitises employees to the topic in an inspiring way and teaches the necessary methods using a multi-stage, function-based training approach.

The core elements were:

Through a comprehensive awareness initiative with a striking theme, we created a high level of awareness for cyber security.


A key element was our five-part learning journey, which was tailored to each employee role.


Using a blended learning approach, we combined self-learning modules (eLearnings) with virtual and face-to-face training.

Employees enthusiastic:
and more have completed one of the measures
IT security experts:
Experts developed in live training courses

Customer satisfaction?


What topics can we help you with?

Our skills

Our skills

Individual further training strategies:

With a decade of experience in professional development, we have delivered tailor-made training concepts to numerous companies. Whether it’s about making innovative technologies tangible, encouraging behaviour change or raising awareness of key issues – we are your partner. Our expertise lies in the conception and implementation of blended learning solutions, both for medium-sized and large companies.

Virtual training – closer than you think:

The pandemic has increased the importance of virtual training. But it’s not just about good technology. It’s about captivating participants virtually as well as in face-to-face events. This is exactly where we come in: our ultra-modern, virtual training room offers different camera perspectives, digital whiteboards and the latest transmission technologies. By using virtual reality, we create a training experience that excites and inspires.

Your digital academy for tomorrow:

Ready to start training your employees immediately? Our digital academy offers you a variety of virtual training courses and well-thought-out learning journeys.


Your advantage:

Choose from our wide range of training courses or supplement it with your own content.

Do you need a customised learning platform?

We design them to suit your company.

Seminar program

Diversity and women’s quotas are on everyone’s mind. But what specific challenges do future female leaders face?

To answer this question, we have developed an in-depth leadership development program.

With a decade of experience in leadership, rhetoric, emotional intelligence, agility and corporate culture, we have designed a unique training. Together with the participants, we strive to promote excellence in the leadership landscape.

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With our friendly and motivated team of trainers and coaches, we are happy to help with the following key topics:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Agile Transformation

  • Change Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • Leadership development

  • Sales optimisation

  • Executive Performance Coaching

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