Digitized Customer Relationships

About M² Business Consulting

M² Business Consulting is a management consulting company proud of its years of experience within digital projects around Europe, and with a focus on the DACH and CS region. We advise our customers on their digital strategy and providing them a helping hand with the implementation and support after the strategy has been developed. We help our clients making their organization digitally agile and ready for the upcoming challenges.

We carefully select our consultants from variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise and rich scope of interests and strengths. We are not lone fighters, but work hand in hand as a team.

What makes us unique is the diversity in terms of culture and professional background, which results in out of the box solutions offered to our clients.

Above all, our entire team focusses on sport and healthy lifestyle. We are advocates of enriching meetings with exercises.

Our clients appreciate our proactivity. We analyse thoroughly our client´s situation in order to understand the big picture of a problem. Subsequently, our team of consultants, working hand in hand with a client, establishes an optimal solution, which guarantees achieving high-aim client goals.

With the help of M² Business Consulting no business endeavor in the digital world is scary.

Core Values of M² Business Consulting


Building trustful Costumer Relationships

What M² Business Consulting emphasizes is the fair, friendly and motivating approach to our environment. Our goal is to act in the interests of our clients, using resources as effectively as possible and respectfully managing time and budget.

Leading by Example

We are all ambassadors of M² Business Consulting Brand. Our ultimate goal is to be perceived as a role model for our customers and colleagues – for this we combine fun with professional seriousness.

Create Value

No matter what we do, our goal is to generate professional value as well as personal value and to leave a positive and lasting impression on our customers and everyone we are working with.

Being strong through Exchange

We master hurdles through cooperations and open communication. We make projects transparent, promote the exchange of experience and personal development.

Everyone who stops improving, has stopped to evolve

We are always looking for new topics, theories and technologies. In doing so, we question all the details and identify the added value and the weaknesses. Our goal is not only to know but to understand, only then is our intrinsic pursuit of something new satisfied.

Letting Actions Speak

We proactively address challenges and opportunities and only give up when we have met our goals – and those of our customers – to their full satisfaction. That’s how we make visions a reality.

"This won't work" does not exist - we always find a way

We advise and support our customers in a solution-oriented manner and together we embark on new – in part unconventional – ways. We recognize obstacles in advance and actively intervene, we manage challenges in the team to achieve the goal together with the customer.

Collaboration with M²BC – a Lifestyle

Professionalism, purposefulness and solution-orientation unite with us in an innovative business lifestyle, with which we achieve unbelievable results and equally fun. Living like honesty, optimism and openness, what additionally motivates colleagues, as well as customers.