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Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication

Thanks to a programmable communications platform with a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support, they simplify how brands connect across all channels, and delight their customers at global scale.
M2BC together with Infobip help you to leverage the potential of digitalization of your customer relationships and to successfully implement it in your company to keep your business competitive.

Comforte logo

Comforte Platform for Data Security

Comforte is a global leader in data security. In today’s business world, where customer data and insight is gold, you need a smart way to protect that asset. With our (M2BC) knowledge of which data is the real gold, and with comforte as a trusted partner who knows how to protect the information, we can offer our customers a whole new level of secure data quality.

Usercentrics consent management logo project M2BC

Usercentrics Consent Management

Usercentrics is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Consent Management Platforms (CMP). With CMP, we support companies in obtaining, managing and documenting user consent on websites and apps. We take care of a monthly audit for you to always be compliant. UC Success Story

Envivo Partner M2BC logo

The one-stop solution for customer communications.

Instead of countless emails, phone calls and documents in countless communication worlds, the entire sales cycle finally takes place in one place: Your digital customer space based on.

logo haiilo m2bc social intranet

Haiilo Social Intranet Platform – The Digital Home of Companies & Organizations

Haiilo is one of the leading global software providers for social intranets. The company offers a platform for internal communication in which all employees can be reached quickly, intuitively and easily, regardless of their work location. Together with our partner we manage to connect and inspire your employees. We support you in the introduction, implementation and realization of your individually configurable intranet from Haiilo. Haiilo Success Story

Chatbottery logo black

Next generation digital assistants

Based on chatbottery technology, modern dialog and assistance applications are created to increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction in digital communication. Chatbot Success Story

Allianz fur cybersecurity M2 partner

Alliance for Cyber Security from the Federal Office for Information Security

The Alliance for Cyber Security wants to make an active contribution to protecting institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany against cyber attacks and thus against reduction or failure of their operational capability.
As a participant in the Alliance for Cyber Security, we benefit from:

  • the expertise of the BSI and the other partners of the Alliance for Cyber Security,
  • the exchange with other companies and institutions on topics related to cyber security
  • the partner offers to expand our cyber security expertise.

The result: employees who know and understand the basics of cyber security.

Bitkom Partner M2BC logo

Strategies for the digital age

Together with the German Federal Association Bitkom e.V. and its active members, driving forward the digital transformation of the German economy and administration and digitally developing established business models.


"There are many factors that are simply fun. And then, accordingly, the result is also expectably good."

Oliver AustSopra Banking Software

"The special ingredient in working with M2 was definitely that M2 and all its consultants focus not only on the project, but also on the people. We had a lot of fun in the implementation."

Oliver AustSopra Banking Software

"What makes working with M2 so unique is the spirit within the team. It's a very familiar atmosphere and you just enjoy working together because you feel you can rely on each other."

Christoph GolembuschBMW Motorrad

"M2BC's special ingredient is a symbiosis between the technical expertise, which seems almost limitless, as well as the creativity, which works very well hand in hand."

Richard SiegelKraftanlagen Energies & Services