Digitalisation Strategy

The art of integrated customer strategy

Tailor-made solutions that harmoniously merge digital with analogue.

Increase your sales and maximise customer satisfaction with our unique approach.

In a world where technology and tradition are often seen as opposites, the real magic stands out in the middle.

An integrated customer strategy that combines both digital and analogue approaches is not just a trend – it is the key to sustainable growth and a high degree of customer loyalty. Discover how our tailor-made solutions bridge the gap between digital efficiency and analogue emotionality, laying the foundation for real, valuable customer relationships.


33% increase in sales through strategic customer relationships.

In today’s business world, companies often tend to focus on isolated strategies to increase their sales. Whether it is the acquisition of new customers or special offers for existing customers – the focus is often only on one aspect. But true growth comes when you take a holistic approach. 33% more sales – what does this have to do with customer relationships?


Consider the following scenario:

A company has 10 loyal customers. Each of these customers generates an average contract value of EUR 1,000 and makes 10 purchases per year. This results in an annual turnover of EUR 100.000.

Now, if we increase every aspect of customer engagement – the number of customers, contract value and purchase frequency – by a modest 10%, we will see an exponential increase in sales. The result? An impressive sales growth of 33%.

Now imagine the possibilities if we could get not one, but two additional customers. The potential is limitless.

Our approach:

By combining customer experience and strategic business development, we help companies use these levers effectively and achieve sustainable growth.

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More growth through the systematic design of customer interactions

In the dynamic world of the digital age, the way companies interact with their customers is crucial to success. With a decade of experience in digitalisation and customer management, we are well equipped to help companies optimise their customer interactions.


Our expertise, combined with the latest scientific findings, has led to the development of a special workshop. Here we offer companies the opportunity to systematically and purposefully improve their individual customer interactions.

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The concept

Our workshop focuses on seven core areas and integrates over 26 proven interaction methods. Our main goal? To help companies discover and exploit hidden potential. The result is not only an increase in sales, but also a deeper and more meaningful relationship with customers.

Through our systematic approach, our customers have proven to:

Achieve a higher average contract value, hence resulting in a direct increase in sales.

Min. +10%

Maximise customer lifetime value, increasing the profitability of each customer.

Increase every year

Experience an increased repeat purchase rate, strengthening loyalty and trust in the brand.

At least + 10%

Increase in customer satisfaction achieved, more recommendations and more repeat business.

At least +10% more customers

Let’s work together to transform your customer interactions and take your business to the next level.

Free Consultancy

Overview of services

Customer loyalty 360°: From analysis to action

Discover the power of digital-analogue customer interaction. Start with a free potential analysis, be guided by an inspiring keynote speech and deepen your knowledge with our tailor-made workshop. It’s time to take your marketing, sales and account management to the next level.

Business booster analysis

Free initial analysis

Discover hidden opportunities and potential in your company. Take advantage of this free opportunity to maximise your business potential.

  • Assessment of the current digital maturity level
  • Analysis of the potential through the digitalisation of customer relationships
  • Explanation 10-10-10 principle
  • Definition of at least one quick win
  • Idea for possible next steps
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Business growth through customer interaction

from € 4.000
Increase sales by 33%!

Our tailored 2-day workshop will not only transform your customer strategy, but also promote sustainable relationships. Dive deep into the art of customer loyalty and set new standards in your industry.

  • Analysis of customer interaction
  • Identification of gaps
  • Potential analysis: sales & customer satisfaction
  • ROI assessment
  • Digital strategy and action plan
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Impulse lecture

from € 500
Customer loyalty 2.0

An inspiring lecture that builds the bridge between digital and analogue customer interaction. Equip your team for the future and spark new energy and ideas for your marketing and sales.

  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Customer service
  • Corporate strategy
  • Product development
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