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We master the increasing complexity of digitalisation initiatives with first-class project management. By combining proven methods with modern approaches such as Agile and OKRs, we ensure efficient implementation and measurable results.

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There is often a lack of flexibility and a clear structure to adapt to changing market conditions or unexpected challenges. Here comes the good news: there is a better way.

The modern business world requires a dynamic approach that is both structured and adaptable. This is exactly what we offer you with our efficient project management. We combine proven strategies with modern techniques to ensure your projects are not only completed successfully, but also deliver maximum value.

Let’s work together to ensure that each of your projects delivers its intended value and you stay one step ahead in this ever-changing business world.

In today’s fast-paced business world, do you often feel overwhelmed trying to keep your projects on time and within budget? You are not alone. Many companies rely on traditional management methods that are no longer sufficient in our dynamic times. Projects stall, resources are wasted, and the expected ROI fails to materialise.

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Efficiency and goal orientation in everyday project life
Are you faced with the challenge of aligning your projects with your business goals? Would you like to optimise your project portfolio? With our many years of experience in the international project environment, especially in IT projects, we offer you tailor-made solutions.

Our PMO services include a comprehensive assessment of your individual project requirements and offer you tailored methods and templates for both classic and agile projects.

project management office

The passion and motivation of the experts, combined with the ability to understand our customers’ specific, complex solution scenarios, is what sets the PMO apart. This offers managing directors, product managers, project sponsors and project managers precise and effective solutions.

Efficiency and expertise combined
In today’s dynamic business world, agile methods and efficient project management are essential. However, not every company has the necessary resources or specialised know-how to manage projects seamlessly and efficiently.


Working with us guarantees an error-free project start and avoids costly missteps.
So instead of setting up your own teams and making mistakes, our service enables cost-efficient implementation and reduced personnel costs, which minimises overall project costs.

Our expert roles at a glance:

  • Project management: Ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.
  • Scrum Master: Provides agile leadership and support to teams.
  • Product Owner: Exceeds expectations in development and ensures the product vision is clear and actionable.

With our trainings, your employees will become project management experts and thus design their projects more efficiently and effectively. Our training offering includes both classic and agile methods, including Scrum certifications.

Flexible learning concepts for the modern workplace!
Blended learning and microlearning approaches enable flexible and individual further training.
Learning is fun with us!
We are not only experts in the field, but also entertainers. This approach, which we call “edutainment,” creates a motivating and engaging learning environment.

project management office
Our training opportunities at a glance:
  • Interactive project workshops: Practical workshops that rely on active participation and direct application.
  • Comprehensive project management seminar: In-depth training that covers all facets of project management.
  • Classic or agile methodology training: Targeted training for both approaches.
  • Scrum basics for beginners: A well-founded introduction to the world of Scrum.
Your path to project success begins here!

The right combination of effective project management, the use of expert teams and targeted training of your own employees can make the difference between a successful and a stagnating company. With our expertise and tailor-made solutions, you are ideally positioned to shine in the digital era. Don’t wait any longer – take the opportunity now!

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Project Case

International product launch coordinator

MINI logo min

Objective: Simultaneous global product updates for MINI

project case

MINI performs important product updates or UX/UI optimisations on the MINI websites three times a year or more frequently.
These product launches are critical for sales and marketing and must go live simultaneously worldwide with accurate and country-specific information.
This applies to both markets with stocks and those where vehicles can be individually configured. The updates include changes to images, descriptions, completely new product lines and vehicle configuration.
Digitalisation and rapid development in the automotive sector require an agile approach in order to always remain up-to-date and competitive.
The MINI website serves as a central source of information for customers worldwide and must therefore always contain the latest and most accurate product information.

The main goal of this project is to ensure that all parties involved update, publish or maintain the information in a timely manner. The challenge is not only to coordinate different markets, but also to adhere to strict quality standards. Engaging stakeholders, from engineering to marketing, is critical to ensuring consistent brand messaging.

This is the only way to guarantee a simultaneous launch worldwide, not to leak sensitive information at an early stage and to avoid incorrect communication of innovations, technical data or consumption values, which could have legal consequences.

Project management responsibilities for MINI website updates


As part of the project we took on the following tasks:

  • Capture all product updates:
    This includes everything from minor model adjustments to comprehensive product innovations known as life cycle improvements.
  • Website review:
    Systematic screening and comprehensive testing of websites to ensure optimal user experience.
  • Configurator support:
    Maintaining static and dynamic images, text maintenance and adjustments to provide customers with a realistic representation of the vehicle.
  • MINI Colouring System (CoSy):
    Ensure product releases and ensure compliance with brand standards.
  • Main agency and international markets briefing:
    Clear communication about necessary adjustments and quality control of changes in the main system, implemented with Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Content optimisation and campaign planning:
    Strategic planning and implementation of marketing campaigns to strengthen brand presence and increase traffic.
  • Project and stakeholder management:
    Efficient coordination of all stakeholders to ensure that all updates are implemented on time and according to established standards.

Challenges & skills

  • Efficient time management:
    In the fast-paced automotive industry, numerous tasks and priorities have to be managed at the same time. It is crucial to deliver project milestones on time and always maintain an overview. Project management methods and tools as well as time management and prioritisation play a central role here.
  • Team leadership and collaboration:
    Harmonious cooperation and effective collaboration are the keys to success. This requires not only team management, but also a technical understanding of hosting platforms to keep everyone involved on the same page.
  • Effective communication and coordination:
    Clear and concise communication between different stakeholders, including internal teams, external agencies and international markets, is essential. Stakeholder management and communication are of central importance in order to align expectations and ensure smooth project implementation.
  • Adaptability and responsiveness:
    The automotive industry is characterised by constant changes. It is therefore essential to respond quickly and precisely to product adjustments while always maintaining the highest quality standards.


We are proud to be able to regularly make a major contribution to always guaranteeing a modern, user-friendly design and up-to-date product information in order to create an incomparable user experience together with MINI:

Dynamic presentation

The MINI website and vehicle configurator are always up to date and present the latest product updates in an attractive and interactive format.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Thanks to an intuitive design and up-to-date information, the website offers a first-class user experience that increases customer satisfaction and strengthens loyalty to the MINI brand.

Integrity assured

All information published goes through a rigorous review process to ensure it is accurate, current and of the highest quality.

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Overview of services

Get started with us – whether classic or agile!

Our agile transformation program is designed to equip your employees with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to thrive in an agile environment. We accompany you on this journey and prepare your organisation to master the agile landscape with confidence and competence.

Agile appetisers

Everywhere and everytime

Quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of agile project management. Ideal for starting an agile transformation.

  • Includes 20 places
  • Save up to EUR 1,200 compared to individual access
  • Enables your team to communicate in an “agile” manner
  • Provides a basic understanding of the agile working model
  • Learn to master agile project management.
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Sprint kick start

from € 4.000
Smooth start!

This package is ideal for your agile project with high efficiency. We accompany your team through the initial phase.

  • On average, twice as much team effort
  • Up to 20% more Story Points
  • 3 fully managed agile sprints
  • Training & coaching for your team – tailored specifically to their roles
  • Basic configuration of JIRA
  • Q&A walk-in sessions
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Advanced SCRUM Training

€ 1.500
Experience agility with Lego.

This advanced training is ideal for developing a solid understanding of Scrum’s core competencies, using the Lego Serious Play method.

  • Exclusive, interactive Scrum training (1 day)
  • Practical experience in Scrum projects
  • Solid Scrum foundation
  • Application of principles for collaboration and successful project implementation
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