These are the big challenges to keep your business competitive, customer-centric and agile


  • Digital transformation
  • Process automation
  • Customer Journey
  • E-Commerce

Data protection / ePrivacy

  • Website compliance with GDPR
  • EU Cookie Directive
  • Collect, store and use customer data in a legally compliant manner


  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile methodology – Scrum, SAFE
  • Agile project management
  • Cost efficiency
  • Time to Market

Training / Coaching

  • Employees
  • Field Service
  • Service Technicians
  • Customer Service
  • Customers

Keeping your finger on the digital pulse

How digital is your company already?

Larger companies and corporations usually invest a lot of money and resources in building up their own digital departments and digital expertise. However, this is usually not possible for SMEs due to their organization, budgets and resources. They, therefore, rely on the digital agenda being implemented by an external partner who works closely with the SME.

We review and determine with you the digital maturity level of your company and compare your digital location with others.

To do this, we look at the following aspects that are relevant to the successful implementation of the digital transformation process:


Aspects of corporate governance, strategic digitization goals, business model development, and investments in digitization technologies.


IT infrastructure, networking, modularization, changeability, Big Data and use of new technologies (cloud, AI).

Products and services

Agile product development, smart products and services, automation.

Organization and processes

Standardization/agility of processes, innovation management, cooperation/collaboration, and location-independent working (home office).


Work task, qualification, motivation, leadership and coaching.

Next stop: Your digitalization strategy

Digitalization offers SMEs and large companies alike many opportunities and added value. Only those who are in a position to comprehensively address their challenges regarding

  • Strategy,
  • Technology,
  • Products and services,
  • Organization and processes,
  • Employees,

and to manage and make resilient decisions, will also be able to successfully implement digitalization in his/her company.

We are ready for you

We make you fit

Your very own digitalization strategy

Digitalizing existing business areas and opening up new ones offers you unique opportunities to secure long-term resources and put your strategic thinking to the test. Face the market conditions in time to avoid being displaced by small agile start-ups.

Depending on your company’s maturity level, develop smart and realistic goals on how to adapt organizational structures and make resilient decisions. An individualized digitization strategy will bring you clarity on the current state of your products and services and establish the future roadmap.

You have the choice

Digital strategy consulting

  • Developing a common understanding with your management and employees for your digitalization opportunities
  • Examining your current situation: leadership, corporate strategy, implementation, IT technology and readiness to realize innovations in change management
  • Reviewing current approaches to digital transformation in your industry and with your customers
  • Ranking your capabilities against other competitors and comparable companies
  • Identify best practices and process models of market leaders in digitization
  • Identify effective digitalization topics
  • Individual assessment and derivation of strategic fields of action for the selection of suitable technologies and in the optimization of your products, manufacturing or sales processes
  • Roadmap for the digital transformation of your company

Not only in larger companies, but also in SMEs with scarce resources and limited capacities but with increasing project volume and project complexity, there are many good reasons to introduce a PMO. After all, it takes someone in the company to keep track of all the processes, changes, conflicts and risks and to make decisions. Someone who takes care of the big picture, in other words: multi-project management.

For the implementation of your projects, we provide you with individual consultants or even an entire team of experts who support you on a daily basis and keep all the threads together. We always keep an eye on the ongoing project, solve problems quickly, professionally and reliably for the successful completion of the project. In weekly review meetings, we firmly integrate your direct involvement in the development – right from the start.

Our experience, industry knowledge and soft skills are a matter of course and contribute significantly to the success of your project.

  • With the right consent and preference management for you, we help you to inspire your customers, increase your sales, and always remain compliant with data protection laws
  • “Privacy by Design” consulting for compliance with essential data protection requirements for the legally compliant operation or
    The design of websites and web apps:

    • Privacy policy
    • legally compliant imprint
    • SSL-encrypted data transmission
    • Cookie consent banner
    • Website compliant according to GDPR
    • Website forms
    • Tracking, data processing and documentation
    • Newsletter
    • Social Media
    • Google Analytics
    • Online store
    • Content Management System in use
    • Mobile Response
  • Cookie Consent for complete encryption of every data transmission
  • Ensure legally compliant collection and analysis of customer data

Make your products and services a holistic digital experience for your users (User Experience). Together with you, we design and develop user interfaces that are as unique and individual as your brand and your customers.

Benefit from our extensive process knowledge and many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the digital environment. Our employees will competently strengthen your team or guide you completely through the development process of a digital user interface:

  • UX consulting: user experience/user interface, visual design and digital trends and their sensible introduction into your company.
  • UX research: getting to know and understanding the needs, habits and desires of your target group for a consistently positive user experience of your users as well as for the successful placement of your products/services on the web
  • Definition of use cases: as a basis for the selection and creation of a user interface design to shape the interaction possibilities of your website/app
  • Design and planning of visual prototypes: from the user’s point of view and with elaboration of the customer journey to capture, track and assign the weak points of a process
  • UX testing and optimization of usability: through continuous test runs in the target group and adaptation of all elements relevant to operation
    of the user interface design (design of buttons, text fields, etc.)

During a rollout, new work processes, methods and cultural changes are applied in a company. For this purpose, we provide you with a dedicated rollout manager or an entire rollout team who is responsible for developing your rollout concept and the associated processes.

We accompany and support you in

  • Planning, coordination, monitoring and control of the rollout of organizational and IT innovations
  • Coordination, communication and control of all involved team members, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Planning of suitable change management measures
  • Ensuring on-time installation, integration, commissioning and customer acceptance in the required quality
  • Carrying out international rollouts simultaneously at several company locations

We make our virtual training courses more interactive, emotional and memorable, so that training content with us becomes a knowledge firework and a unique event.

With interactive exercises, virtual workspaces, modern tools as well as personal design of the learning rooms, we make even the driest topics clearly understandable and sustainable for everyone.

Development of training concepts (blended learning).

logo haiilo m2bc social intranet
Social Intranet & Employee Experience Platform

A central communication platform: in-house as well as with selected external participants.

Whether your employees are in the office/home office, on the road in the field or working in production/labs, with Haiilo Social Intranet you can reach them everywhere and in a targeted manner. Build a sustainable digital home for everyone in the company.

Bundle your internal communication by:

  • Preparing and making information accessible in a target group-oriented and role-specific manner.
  • Uniting isolated applications and information silos on a single platform
  • Integrate Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace as well as additional collaboration tools via fully featured API’s
  • Enable seamless transitions, more flexible collaboration and a single point of entry
That’s why Haiilo Social Intranet is ideal for your enterprise communications:

  • without long lead times and ready for immediate use
  • as a cloud-based (EU server) or on-premise solution
  • user-friendly and intuitive due to the already familiar social media design
  • accessible from any device
  • easy to integrate into any IT and communication landscape
  • Solution-as-a-Service with room for variable customization options
  • ideal for companies of all sizes and industries
  • currently over 1 million users in German-speaking countries

As a Haiilo partner, we advise you on deployment, setup and targeted usage scenarios. In addition, we support you in design, implementation and rollout, which, thanks to the multi-brand design, can be fully adapted to your corporate design (CD), provided with your company logo and configured differently across locations.

Are you curious?

Arrange a no-obligation demo appointment with us to give you a closer look at Haiilo and explain its concrete added value.

Your digital strategy: why with us?

Our professional consulting focuses on the digital transformation of small, medium-sized and large companies.

Benefit from our proven knowledge, many years of expertise and in-depth project experience from the digitalization of business processes and internal/external communication in various industries for many medium-sized companies and large corporations.
We offer clear transformation approaches to leverage the potential of digitization together with you and work in partnership with you to successfully implement it in your company.


Digitalization programs at a glance (Germany)

Government support for digitalization

There are currently more than 25 funding programs, grants and loans in Germany alone that support SMEs in implementing their digital transformation with the aim of improving the digital competitiveness of German SMEs.

The right funding for your company

As part of an engagement, we support you:
  • find out the appropriate funding,
  • submit your funding application to the relevant authority, and,
  • compile the proof of use.

Free initial consultation

As independent experts for digital business and agile transformation, we show you adequate solutions according to your requirements, available budgets and IT conditions - many of them also eligible for federal and state funding.

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